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Hi my name is Becci and I am an enthusiastic writer and published author, a registered yoga teacher and psychotherapist amongst other things to name just a few strings to my bow. I have a heavy background in psychology, human behaviour, anatomy, rehabilitation, care, neuroscience and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy).

I pursued my passions in life  and just the general love of life to get  to where I am now My keen interest into how the mind works and how to slow it down, our thought processes and how the body works also had an influence but I attended a yoga class after it was recommended by a physiotherapist and doctor after numerous injuries and I gained a whole lot more than what I bargained for and I have not looked back since. It was magical to say the least.

I teach various styles of Yoga from Vinyasa & Hatha to Yin, Restorative &  Meditation for all ages and for EVERY body from group classes to 1to1 personal classes.

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