A source of power to manage any possible situation in life

By Becci Grant, Sat 13th Jul 2019

Here is a deep principle worth further study and reflection-

‘Stating to your unconscious mind specific things to be accomplished sets forces in motion both in the body and circumstances that will lead to a desired result’

Thought is energy and energy is power and we all know the popular modern day term ‘where your energy goes, your energy flows’

You have to notice your thoughts and your thinking patterns before you can change them.

So consider this if thought is energy then active thought is active energy then concentrated thought is concentrated energy and thought that is concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power meaning that how you shape your thoughts is exactly how you shape your life.

There is a huge difference between thinking and then directing your thought consciously – Do you notice the difference?

In the early stages of any practice, each action is the result of conscious thought, repeated actions become habitual and automatic. So as we continue with this practice, the thought that controls each action and function passes into the realm of the unconscious. And its essential to make such thoughts and actions become automatic, or unconscious, so the conscious mind can create more space and attend to other matters.

These new actions will then in turn become habitual, then automatic, then unconscious, so that the conscious mind may again be freed from this detail and go on to still other activities and when you realise this, you will have found yourself a source of power to manage any possible situation in life.

365 days. 365 opportunities.

Your conscious mind is the ‘reasoning will ‘ and your unconscious mind is ‘instinctive desire. so the conscious mind is the seat of will and impresses the conscious mind. The result of past reasoning will.

To impress the unconscious, mentally state what is desired and your intended outcome and repeating it frequently until it becomes our mental attitude.

The unconscious is intelligent and is creative and responsive to the will of the conscious mind.

What is the most natural way to make the desired impression?

‘Concentrate on the object of your desire’

Wherever you are concentrating you are imprinting your thoughts upon the subconscious. It is the way to convert subtle and invisible energy, force, desire, faith, will, confidence into concrete facts in the objective world.

It is how your turn the invisible into the visible.

And that subtle energy is completely unlimited. You can create as much as you want over and over again with your thinking.

The access to your personal power is through your conscious thought and yet so many of us waste this gift.

The mind acts through the physical body and the physical body can act only through the mind.

Read that last sentence again.

You have the chance to create and recreate yourself everyday through your thoughts.

What you do, think or feel becomes what you are.

I hope this makes a little bit of sense and my next blog I am going to give you the anatomy of thought and feeling, the nitty gritty science behind the brain so if you like facts and science and you want to be the best version of you, you want to unlock your unlimited potential then be sure to keep checking back.

Love B x

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