About Becci

Hi my name is Becci and over the years I have travelled many paths. I am an enthusiastic writer, published author, a registered yoga teacher and psychotherapist. Im very much a people person and these skills over the years have led me to where I am now doing what I love on the daily as advanced aesthetics and skin care practitioner, developing my skills daily and building up an amazing client base with the most wonderful people. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love and eternally grateful hence why I put my all in to everything delivering only the very best of results and seeking out the best training and staying up to date with latest techniques and offering only the best service and it can only get better!

I have a heavy background in psychology, business, human behaviour, rehabilitation and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy).

I also started making clothes formerly known as The Female Revolution as a hobby. A small clothing brand that is sure to make a statement ranging from statement socks, statement oversized hoodies and tees along with a small range of statement jewellery. It then became just as opular amongst men and is now more of a unisex brand so was rebranded ‘Social Recluse’.

I pursued my passions in life  to get  to where I am now with a keen interest in success and business, how the mind works because that’s where everything starts, how to slow it down, our thought processes and how the body works also had an influence but I attended a yoga class after it was recommended by a physiotherapist and doctor after injury and I gained a whole lot more than what I bargained for and I have not looked back since. 

I have worked as as a care manager, life coach and business coach working with all walks of life from corporate legal firms in Abu Dhabi, athletes, lawyers, entrepreneurs to individuals.

I teach various styles of Yoga from Vinyasa & Hatha to Yin, Restorative &  Meditation for all ages and for EVERY body from group classes to 1to1 personal classes.

The beauty of yoga is that it is so personal to everyone and the aim is that however that may feel for you, whether its physically, mentally or spiritually, you leave the class feeling a little more wholesome than when you first came in with elements of Strength. Grace. Flexibility. Joy. Control. Balance. Love. Kindness. Compassion. Calmness. Self Discipline and Awareness.

The word Yoga itself means ‘union’ or ‘binding’; you bind the physical, mental and spiritual elements of your life. Body and mind were seen as a single unit. Human beings are connected with all things on the planet – whether people, animals, plants, earth, air or water. Yoga meditation techniques and methods for living a healthier life grew out of this viewpoint. 

I believe that having an outlet or place of peace to go is so important. A place to calm those 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day that we have, that’s approximately 50 a minute or just under 1 a second. They never stop but it’s then knowing how to slow these thoughts down and how we can direct them to make the best out of our lives.


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