Do you Journal?

By Becci Grant, Wed 24th Apr 2019

For me, writing is a way of thinking. Im a vey patient person so I journal a lot. Writing and meditation allows me to slow down and observe my mind. They keep me still. it is like whispering to yourself and listening to yourself all at the same time.

One of the most powerful things to do is to express, self reflect and discover. There will be so many things you are not aware of, journaling allows you to distance yourself from your thoughts. 

You are never looking for an end result or a specific answer, half of the time there’s no logic behind it and it won’t even make sense but keep going.

You are experiencing intimacy in the highest degree. I like  – (in – to- me- i- see)

Don’t rush or force. Free flow. I encourage pen and paper rather than typing and to be away from your phone.

Imagine it as though you as sitting peacefully by the ocean, hearing the waves crash, imagine listening to the breeze as though it is speaking to you, encouraging you with gentle whispers as it brushed against your skin.

Luxuriate in sharing your beautiful story with yourself. You’re on an adventure with yourself. It’s the biggest one you will ever experience.

Take the time to hear what needs to be heard within. 

Reflect – no matter how silly it feels or reads. Just let it go.

Here are a few questions just to get you started 

How am I feeling? 
•What am I grateful for right now?
•Who or what has captured my heart?
•How does it feel? 
•What is it about it that makes you feel a •certain way?
•What truly excites me? 
•What makes me feel sadness?
•Where is patience required in my life?
•What is it about this situation that makes •me impatient?
•What’s stirring my anger?
•What’s new for me?
•What’s old?
•What do I want to learn?
•Have I learned anything new today? 
•What I want is…. 
•It’s time to let go of…
•I am hiding from…
•It’s time to let in more…
•My heart longs for…

Express yourself and let it flow.

The more you do it you will begin to notice and become aware of your thought processes which you can then manipulate to your advantage and have a kind magical voice instead of a critical voice. This is how we start to make friends with ourselves and notice potential habitual patterns that don’t serve our best interests.

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