How to earn a million pound.. It’s easier than you think

By Becci Grant, Tue 3rd Sep 2019

So you are here because you are intrigued. What made you come here and read this? What did I do? Have a little think about that one and write down what I did to get you here. Thats the first step.

Don’t talk the talk. Just walk the walk.

Firstly you have to fucking want it just like any dream and tell yourself that this is what is going to happen. Then you have to actually visualise it.

What are you doing? Where are you? Who are you with? What can you smell? What can you see? How do you feel? Close your eyes and take yourself there.

When I start using techniques such as this with clients for the first time, they look at me like blank and I can see it in their eyes they’re thinking ‘Fucks sake Becci, what’s this voodoo shit you’re making me do, like this ain’t going to work’ but it does. You are priming your mind, your mind is the most clever little tool you have but it also doesn’t know the difference between a perception and reality therefore you can make anything your reality but you have to break it down. You have to break every little detail down. You have to take it apart and put it together because there’s an overload of information and it just goes awol then problems with productivity occur, You don’t know where to start because there is so much to think about anyway I’ve gone off on a tangent.

Let’s get to the shit you came for.

First of all there are 10 things you have to do before becoming an entrepreneur and the way to making a million pound is to become an entrepreneur with big fucking dreams and having several streams of income and that can be anything. If you currently have just one stream of income coming in, what can you do to make a second? Think. Have that second income come in that you don’t touch, that is what you will use to reinvest in.

Ok, lets go…. still see what I’m doing?

  1. Learn how to self motivate. You have to make yourself accountable to yourself but with big fucking dreams like you should be bouncing out of bed on a morning because this is the shit you’re going to make happen, yeah you probs have to go do your 9-5 or whatever hours you do during the day but that’s your ‘living’ money. This is the shit that is going to pay your bills, feed your family, give you a roof over your head and all that jazz so this is a necessary but this is just something we have to do the same as brushing our teeth. Do not let your dreams be the same as brushing your fucking teeth.
  2. Ok next, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. Like you can save so much more than you think. Live 6 months on just your needs and not wants, yes that means sacrificing the holiday (Now you’re thinking but I need holiday, I work so hard) Your whole life should be lived like a fucking holiday. You shouldn’t be living for 2 weeks of the year. Yeah you work hard, yeah you deserve a holiday, yeah you need a break but I’d say you deserve a life more than that. Look at simple things such as subscriptions that you don’t even use for mobile apps, irrelevant insurances, get your mobile plan changed, your utility bills. Phone Sky and tell them you’re leaving. They’ll cut the price by 50%. Better still. Get rid of sky completely and start on your side hustle.
  3. Next. Learn how to sell (I will teach you how in my e book coming up) and you are rolling your eyes thinking I fucking hate sales. Yes me too. Im a massive introvert, I hate confrontation, you will notice I don’t even talk on my IG story but truth be known we are constantly selling. We start selling ourselves from the age of 7. (That sounds a bit fucked up) but for example. When you go for a job interview, you are convincing someone why they should hire you, you got on a date, you are convincing someone why it’s a good idea to date you. We live in a world full of consumption and you can sell pretty much anything from an idea to a product to a service.
  4. Get a mentor or reach out to an entrepreneur, shadow them, surround yourself with people who have the same mentality and that means cutting people out of your life. It is cut throat but like I literally hounded one of my mentors who isn’t even a mentor, just an incredibly successful business man who started from bankruptcy. I wanted to learn what he was doing because what he was doing. I wanted a piece of that pie and I must have messaged him about 20 times, emails and in the end he just get fed up of me and he admired my persistence. I mean I was like ‘Dude, I’ll wash your office windows, make your coffee, I just want to see how you work’ Be pro active. Don’t wait for shit to come to you. You have to be resilient and go out there and a dream so big and exciting. You will wash windows or be a tea bitch because you know that it’s a step in the direction of that vision. ( He didn’t make me wash his windows thank fuck)
  5. Network, build contacts and relationships with as many people as you can. Whatever that niche is, that idea you have, where can you go to get more information, are there any events? Who’s doing what you want to do? I mean don’t copy but what’s making them different? what traits do they have? What personality do they have?
  6. Now here’s a tough one. Be prepared to work double the amount of hours. Yes that’s at least 70 – 80 hours for at least 12 months. This is something unfortunately you have to do so that you can be at a point where you can work maybe 10 hours a week and have your money work for you. Many give up after about 13 weeks because they have been working 3 month and they are still not a millionaire (rolling my eyes to the back of my head) Hunnayyyyy let me tell you this. It can take 10 years. Don’t be deluded.
  7. Learn how to research. Learn how to read effectively, find relevant podcasts. Engage in relevant conversations. (A tip for reading a book – What do you want to find out? Go to the contents page and find the section you want and read the relevant sections. Don’t think read a book from cover to cover to cover if you just want to find out say Search Engine Optimisation – also by tracing your finger under the lines you are reading you can read at least 20% faster or look at the 3rd word from the the beginning of the line and go from there.)
  8. Think of solutions to problems when creating ideas. Everyone wants a solution to a problem. That is where gold is hidden.
  9. Learn your strengths and know your weaknesses. What are your weaknesses? Great, fuck them, don’t work on them to try make them stronger, they’ll only just become mediocre, Don’t try be a perfect human being, that’s wasted energy and productivity that could be spent on really rocketing those strengths. Stick with your strengths. Thats where you are winning
  10. What does your passions tell you about yourself? about your personality?or what did you want to be when you were growing up? What traits have you carried on from that? what industries are those traits and strengths of yours going to match? How can you pair them up with an idea that you have that is going to be a solution to a problem in that industry?
  11. Don’t think about making a million pound and think about maybe how your idea could serve and see making money as a way to make more things. Focus on one thing and become an expert. Measure your progress every damn day. What did you do today that’s moved you forwards.

Prioritise. Keep coming up with new ideas. Stay out of that fluffy comfort zone, it’s just lazy. We all have this undeniable fear of the unknown but that’s life. The unknown is just another experience in life that we have not yet had the pleasure of feeling or experiencing yet. Now I’d say that is pretty exciting more than scary. This is what generates intelligence, this is where we gain all these remarkable traits such as wisdom and new information, emotional intelligence, this is how we expand and grow. We are all on a mission in life, whatever that dream is, whatever that vision is.

What is the worst thing that could happen? Sit and think about it? what is the very worst thing that could happen if this idea does not work out? Put a number on it? Put your little ego aside, Stop fronting, get to work and make shit happen or if you don’t know how then hit me up and let me help you.

and let me leave you with just a little something …

When you really, truly don’t care what the fuck anyone thinks about you or your ideas, you have reached an absolute dangerously awesome level of freedom that is only going to thrive.

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