Set ‘Unrealistic’ and ‘Unreasonable’ goals

By Becci Grant, Mon 2nd Sep 2019

Firstly. I know many coaches will disagree with me on this one and I can feel the eye rolls, I can even hear my mentor in my head saying ‘WTF’ and I myself have had many mentors in all aspects of my life. I believe its one of the greatest investments in yourself that anyone can make but one thing I find and have always been told, which you’ve probably heard yourself is ‘Set realistic goals’ ‘Set goals that are measurable and have time frames and all that jazz’ and this is ok, this is basically to reinforce that feeling of accomplishment when you smash your mediocre, average, typical goals. I’m always told to set more realistic goals, more measurable goals. Fuck that. My unrealistic goals have proven very realistic.

So lets say I want to shift a few extra holiday pounds, I just don’t really feel like I’m going to put that much effort into going to do cardio for 20 mins extra a day or changing what I have for breakfast. It’s just mediocre. It’s just an average, mediocre goal and it ain’t really going to be changing my life and I certainly am not buzzing to get out of bed 4.45 to go do cardio. Now I’m not saying that it’s a shitty goal or you won’t do it, ok I am, its a shitty goal to have, those kind of goals, they’re not goals, they are things you want to do. Don’t call them goals. You need to dig deeper than that. YOU NEED GOALS but what the problem is with 95% of people is that they are just convinced that they are not capable of achieving great, great, things because it seems scarce or not many people accomplish them, why don’t they accomplish them? because they are not setting the unrealistic big visions or you just don’t believe it can happen for you for one reason or another and you have already had that argument with yourself. Your mind is made up. It can’t be done so let’s set a nice comfortable, warm, fluffy, mediocre, boring average goal So with this in mind. Everyone has ‘realistic’ goals which in turn make them more energy consuming but really its not the ultimate goal you want out of life.

Now if I was to tell you it was easier to make a million pound than it was one hundred grand, would you believe me??? Well, it is.

We live in a world full of insecurities on every corner. The world thrives on insecurities, people thrive on others insecurities. It’s sad but it’s true. NEWSFLASH: YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH INSECURITIES. I tend to find that people just really massively underestimate themselves and completely overestimate the competition. Quit that right away. Right now.

Get creative, get freaky with your ideas, we all have them, ideas bouncing around our heads like little ping pong balls, most of them we dare not even say out loud through fear but just think outside the box, that dream, that goal that you think is unrealistic or there’s people telling you to stop being ridiculous, it’s not. Fuck them.

UNREASONABLE AND UNREALISTIC GOALS are the ones you really want. Be honest with yourself.. What do you ultimately want out of life. Don’t say world peace just because you think it’s selfish not to want that. Don’t say happiness because that’s bullshit too. (We all want that but that’s a whole other essay on that, not today satan) If you want a Ferrari, say it, if its financial freedom say it. If it’s taking a year trip sailing around the world, say it, if it’s to be famous, say it. What do you really really want out of life? and don’t say happiness. (There will be another time for that one)

Having unusually large visions and goals comes with an added bonus. It is the adrenaline and we all have it and that adrenaline is what absolutely powers and catapults you through the obvious trials and tribulations and obstacles that you are definitely going to endure along the way with ANY goal you set. I can’t say that I am going to have much adrenaline powering me though shifting a few pounds at 4.45 or swapping my coco pops to oats than what I would to make a million pound.

‘Realistic’ goals and goals restricted to an ‘average ambition level are not going to fuel you long haul because they are just not inspiring enough. It will get you through barrier number 1 or 2 which is when you usually give up because the potential pay off is just average. Therefore your effort is going to be average. Your commitment is going to be average. You are going to become AVERAGE. FUCK AVERAGE. That word alone should put the eebie jeebies up you.

You get to choose your goals, your visions and dreams. no-one else. they belong to you. Don’t make them AVERAGE.

My effort for a goal of making a million pound and having a luxury villa on a secluded Spanish coast in the mountains is going to be absolutely extra. It is not going to be average effort. I am going to bounce through those brick walls with cuts and bruises and broken legs to get there but am I going to have that same level of enthusiasm, that same effort, that same adrenaline rush as to changing what i’m going to eat for my dinner so I can shift a few pounds for a weekend trip to centre parks. NO. I am not. Im not going to go that extra mile. The only reason I would probably choose the latter is because its a ‘realistic’ and ‘easier’ goal to have. Im going to battle it out for the dream that is worth dreaming.

Put them on a scale of 1 – 10 on difficulty of achievement, yes 1 will be a 10 and the other maybe a 1. Im still more likely to achieve the 10 because its the dream.

You find the best and most nutrias, juicy salmon in the rivers where there are the fewest fisherman and the insecurity that is on every corner of the world and in everyone lives is what makes it so easy for people to aim for the home run when everyone else will just settle for base hits and stay nice and comfortable.

There is less competition for the bigger goals because you just don’t think it’s achievable. Well I’m here to tell you that they are.

To do big things, to follow that dream, to live that dream it starts with asking for them but you have to ask the right questions. You have to be precise. You need an action plan but you need a great big fat goal and instead of me asking you what is your goal? what is your truly honest ‘UNREALISTIC’ And ‘UNREASONABLE’ goal? and then we have to make it interesting. You have to do interesting things in order to shift your ambiguous wants to clearly and defined action steps.


Let me ask you this… What is it that excites you?? That is the question, Not what is your goal? Whatever it is that excites you, that is where you are going to find powerful adrenaline fuelled magic and no-one on this planet should be settling for anything less unless you are just bone idle and lazy and happy to coast, which again is fine, we all differ.

Now, Write it down on a piece of paper and what action can you take right now, there is one step you can take right now in the next 5 minutes that is going to move you forwards. What is it? What can you do in the next 5 minutes? Not tomorrow…. Now. It might be an email, it might be a youtube, It might be ordering a book, it might be reaching out to someone, there might be someone you can ask for help, it might be some research, it might be arranging that meeting but there is something you can do now so do it.

Fuck Average. You are not average. Dare to make your dreams come true. Your real dreams.

Lots of Love as always

B xxx

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