You Are Enough

By Becci Grant, Thu 18th Apr 2019



Do any of these sound familiar?

I’m not good enough.

I’m not strong enough.

I don’t know enough.

The list is endless, what statement rears its ugly head for you? We all have a niggle statement that always repeats itself. Mine is I don’t know enough and I’m not good enough. They take it in turns.

You don’t necessarily have to silence these statements. You can make peace with them.

Lets go right to the heart of these ‘I’m not enough’ statements. I want to share some insight with you in the hope that it can start to lessen the potency of your particular phrase.

This is what I want you to know, not just on an intellectual basis, but a cellular basis, what we are going to go through I want it to sink into every cell and fibre of your being. I want you to sit with these words, drink them in, repeat them internally, repeat them out loud when you are doing the washing up and let them truly percolate.

You are already enough

You are more than good enough

You are already whole

You are already perfect as you the individual.

Every living being is already whole, perfect and complete – it was given freely to you with your miraculous creation.

There is no hole to fill, nothing to fix and nothing to be done.

Still don’t believe me? 

Didn’t think so, so let’s get technical now. 

We just need to remember what we have forgotten or denied or been told otherwise.

This strikes at the heart with so many people, even the people you least expect it. It can keep eating away at you until you learn to really embrace the sentiments above.

There is no degree, career, grade, personal accomplishment or money that will magic away that self doubt or fill that hole… You just need to grasp that there is in fact, no hole to fill.

How do we make peace with these nagging statements of self doubt that stop us not only achieving our goals but living at peace with ourselves?

Here’s a process  we are going to try – It is effective!

  1. Get to know your phrase. You might have one or a couple but what is it that niggles away?
  • Notice it. Just be aware everytime it taps you on your shoulder.
  • Make room for it. This is the harder bit. Learn to make peace with it, everytime you notice it, greet it with a smile. Welcome it with tenderness – think of it as an old cardigan you wear from time to time, ‘you old thing’. Let it be there around your shoulders and don’t try to shrug it off. Maybe just by noticing it and not wriggling away from it, it might slip from your shoulders on its own. If it stays put, just breathe your way through it. That’s all you have to do. When my not knowing enough pops up, instead of it getting in my way, I use it as a reminder of how much I value wisdom and keeping my knowledge current. It propels me to dig deeper, to keep growing and learning more.
  • Get on with it. Acknowledge that this is just a collection of words, just a thought, it is not the truth and certainly does not have to be a barrier. A technique that helps me get on with it: I imagine that there are a bunch of different personalities to my thoughts, each with their own voice. Many of them you will know already – there’s the inner critic, the inner child, the inner cheerleader and the inner elder. (I urge you to get to know your inner elder, that white haired version of you smiling back and saying ‘it’s going to be ok’) Just being aware of the concept has allowed me to hear my inner elders voice better- she’s wise, she offers words of consolation, she reminds me of the ways I have coped before and that I’m ok. I allow each character to have their say but I have an imaginary microphone up to the voice that is going to support me through doubts and fears. It’s not about being fearless and having all the answers. It’s about showing up and stepping up regardless.

Is there a place for evaluating ourselves? Absolutely. But it does not lie in debating our worth as human beings. It does not lie in assessing our achievements, our awards, the numbers of friends we have, the size of our house, the car we drive, or our bank balance.

I think these are more useful questions to ponder and reflect on.

  • Are you living your truth?
  • Are you living a life imbued with a personal meaning?
  • Are you living a life inspired by your own unique strengths, gifts & talents?
  • Are you living a life guided and shaped by your own personal values?

Here is a downloadable and printable version to keep at hand.

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